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Woah. My holidays are being busier than I expected. Shotgun update? I'll take the silence as a yes...

- Had an epic catch-up session of the Bugle. God how I love the Bugle. Especially when John get passionate about gay rights. And when Andy teases John about 'the film career' and John just sort of half-laughs, half-whimpers 'please don't' and it's precious. Oh yeah, and the American! "You meet George Clooney, what are you going to do? Not blow him?" In summary, CATHEDRAL TO THE FACE.

- Damn you, Josh Thomas. Until you my TV gaydar was infallible. *shakes fist*

- Cold Souls is a great film.

- A couple of days ago I saw a preview screening of Sherlock Holmes, and it was ridiculous in every single way, and I quite enjoyed it. And I swear, at one point I genuinely believed Holmes and Watson's potential girlfriend were going to leap at each other across the table a la Jerry Springer and pull each others hair screaming "he's mine, bitch!" - Bought tickets! Futuremusic and BDO, I'm going to be seeing Muse and Franz Ferdinand and the Decemberists and Grinspoon and Lily Allen and Ladyhawke and Empire of the Sun and the Horrors and... I'll shut up now. But still. Festival season. Yay.

- Extra pay has not yet come through. Cannot bring myself to regret buying tickets, though.

- My friends have been forcing me to watch much ridiculous anime, and I think their tendency to call out each others names for a good four or five minutes straight each episode is messing with my mind. But more importantly, the fact that anime subtext is by my standards straight-out dialogue porn. Seriously. One character is trying to fight his old friend because of a third, mutual friend and former leader; "He never looked at me! He looked at you! Always you!" and then the former-leader guy rocks up and assures them he loves them both and was always watching them and my friends fail to see the gayness in that.

- It doesn't help that one of these three guys looks like this:

Yes, that is a guy. I know. Characters in-universe make the same mistake. And stalk him when he is bathing naked. And are traumatised. And then there is the episode where he wears a nurses outfit...
My friends assure me this is normal for anime and I will get used to it eventually.

- Bought Christmas presents. Have literally no money. Extra pay still not through. Grrr. 

- Still haven't posted any pics from the holiday... um... I think some people wanted to see them, but then again you may have just been being polite, so if anyone genuinely does want to see landscape porn, big rocks and seals let me know and  I'll get off my lazy ass and post some. 

- Robert Downey Jr is sex.

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Being on trial at a new job is terrible. It sucks the joy out of everything, cos you're always worrying. I'm not a worrying type person. What I do is I procrastinate and then I panic. That's an entirely different way of doing things. And then at least you have the post-terror adrenalin rush.

Enough complaining.

Anyway, if anyone needed proof that fandom has invaded my life and taken root in my brain in cruel and unusual ways, I was watching an adaptation of Sense and Sensibility on TV and found myself mentally casting it with fakenews people, and then got irrationally frustrated when I couldn't make up my mind. And then got calmed down again by David Morrisey's patented Best Small Sad/Resigned Smile In the World.

I considered Jon and Stephen as the two sisters, because the dynamic works, but then I couldn't find someone to be Stephen's Colonel Brandon. Hmmm. Who is Brandon-ish? Besides, I don't like splitting up Stephen/Jon. CONUNDRUM.

So yeah, that's what goes on in my head. o.O

In other news...
I finally finished some of the Top Fives requested of me, which I present as secondary proof of my complete surrender and submission to fandom. [personal profile] oni_butterfly jumped on it with requests about favourite Bugles, drinks and animal pics, and then my fave OTP's, which almost blew my tiny mind and I had to split into two parts. Then [ profile] iamashamed asked for my top five Jon/Stephen moments, and finally my dear [ profile] emiime wanted to know why chekov/Sulu is so totally canon.


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