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  • I have my first three hour exam tomorrow. Wish me luck? Uhm    o.O

  • I just finished the final section of notes for said exam - namely, the sections covering International Law and its relationship with Australian domestic law, Human Rights law and immigration detention, and Indigenous claims to special rights (land rights, mostly.) I sat back and stared at it for a while. Then I labelled it 'Australia: Reasons Why We Fail' in big red letters. Ugh.
  • I think my cousin knows me too well. He's a comic book fanatic, and when I visited him the other day he offered to let me borrow copious amounts of Deadpool and Cable ("Cable and I, we have this don't ask, don't tell thing going on..." "Seeing as he has a lot of my brain, I figured I could take his pancreas. It's only a little pancreas.") and also this other one called the Authority. It involves Superman a solar-powered super-strong flying dude and Batman a black leather cowl-wearing vigilante who likes to kill shit spending a lot of time kissing, getting married, kissing some more, and adopting the spirit of the 21st century. Her name is Jenny.
  • Just as I was beginning to  get addicted to Q&A it finishes for the year. Nevermind. The lack of a fistfight between Joe Hockey and David Marr (who put those two next to each other? Whoever it is, I think I love them) was made up for by the ridiculous awesome rap at the end.

  • Someone I know offered to lend me the new Twilight soundtrack. My instinctive reaction of AHH TWILIGHT KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE was stopped short by the realisation that it had exclusive content from the Killers, Thom Yorke and the Editors, and a Muse remix. Whut. How. Why. Damn you,  Brandon Flowers, damn you very much. You make me abandon my principles. Specifically my anti-sparkling-dickwad-vampires-and-eyeball-destroying-mary-sue-romance principles.  

Here, have some Russian dancers mucking about on the beach during the Ballet Russes Australian tour in 1939.

For... no particular reason. Oh shut up, you.

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  • Exams are upon me, officially, from today. Study break has begun, and I remember why study does not agree with me. I cannot focus on one thing for more than a few... I'm sorry, I lost the end of that sentence, I was thinking about Batman.  And if I fail because I'm writing genderswap fic, blame [ profile] _lady_vanilla_and the ridiculous amounts of win she is made of.
  • [personal profile] oni_butterflyis awesome. ALGERNON THE NINJA KATANA OF DOOM  SAYS HI, BB.
  • I found out there are two schools of thought regarding Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'; 1) that this girl is the only thing that 'keeps him hanging on' to life and all that, in a very sweet simple way, and 2) the ironic version, as backed up by the ending 'you will reap just what you sow', in which this girl gave him a perfect day and yet keeps him hanging on the edge. I can't decide which one to go with.
  • I have found myself watching Rush solely because I find Samuel Johnson utterly adorable. He's all scruffy. And alcoholic. And socially impaired in the most charming way possible. Basically, he has my look - the beaten-up-puppy-dog look - and I cringe at the plot and the dialogue but I keep watching. Hello, Mr Shallow, come sit in the Character Flaw Room, you'll find many firends to talk to. (Also, seems every cop show on Aussie tv has a lipstick lesbian. Interesting. I did not know that was now a genre requirement.)

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Misleading lyric title aside, this isn't an angsty post. Just thought I might explain a bright idea I had this week, and how it turned out. Hint: not well.

Bright Idea: Don't bring money to the unibar, that way you're not tempted to drink.

Real Life Result: You say you can't drink, you have no money. Boys buy you drinks. You are tempted ( they're pretty!) but refuse (they're kinda pushy). They do not get the hint, but they're apparently really close with your friends, so you find an excuse to leave the group. You spot  someone you know, a girl from law tute who also insists on buying you drinks. You accept from her, because you don't  want to seem rude. She proceeds to try and get into your pants. In the bathroom, no less. Because apparently after nine beers she suddenly likes girls.

So you then have to carefully explain that yes, she is hot, and yes, you do like her, but she is so very drunk and you're pretty sure you're straight and it really is going to end in tears for someone.

Argh. My life. Seriously. but on the other hand, I think I'll get my media assignment finished by tomorrow, which is aces. Also, I've been having fun on [ profile] political_macro , but am sad there is no Aussie equivalent. Or if there is, that I fail so much I can't find it. Our politicians are totally weird looking enough, and do stupid enough things on a regular basis!

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So, I'm in my tutorial working on the Macs learning how to use the bloody things and their strange film editing programs. The tutor (who is also my lecturer) tells us to grab some photographs from google and try and make a slideshow just to ease our way into it.

As she walks around, she stops by me as I have this up:

Tutor: Who is that?

Me: That's Noel Fielding.

Tutor: Is she an actress?

Me: Nope. He's a comedian.

Tutor: ....

Me: I think he's incredibly hot.

My Friend: Yeah, he is.

Me: I'd hit that.

Tutor: ...he looks like a woman.

Me: I know. It's awesome.

Tutor:  O_O

In other news, I need an idea for my short film for this media course. Fuck it. I mean, law is harder, but at least we don't have to be creative.

And, as I have discovered, I fail at creativity.

Edit: I just found this and have to include it because it's gorgeous. Oh, boys. Your love is epic.

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I got a job this week (cue insane celebrating! yee hah!) which means I'll be able to buy all those lovely, lovely things that I definitely don't need and even more definitely WANT LIKE BURNING. I may single handedly save the little record store in town... I'm going to buy so much vinyl they'll feel the aftershocks in Canada. And don't ask me how that works, it's a perfectly gorgeous, expressive, and utterly useless nonsensical metaphor that doesn't really serve its purpose but I won't hear a word against it.

Apart from that, not a lot else happening, and that's the way I like it. I saw The Hangover for a second time because I'm a doormat and my friends hadn't seen it, and walked out incredibly relieved that it was still funny enough to be enjoyable the second time. I  just have such a love for Ed Helms in that, and it's not even because of the TDS connection, since he was on way before my time. I just think he's adorable. And I have such a kink for funny, nervous, mistreated characters. "She beats you!" "That was only twice, and I was out of line..." I have not yet seen HP or Bruno, and don't really mind if it stays that way. The trailers have made me book Public Enemies, Inglorious Basterds and that new Sherlock Holmes one into my near future. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr bickering like and old married couple is love.

Some family friends are in England at the moment. The youngest is seven and emailed me to say they're in Camden and she's looking out for Noel Fielding for me, and if she sees him she'll give him my phone number. That's why I love kids :D

I find it disproportionately hilarious that the show "Supernatural" starts  with a warning containing the words 'this show may contain supernatural themes...' MAY? May contain supernatural themes? Oh, ok then, if there's only a chance I might risk it...

Oh, and it's meme time again:

Comment and I'll give you five words that remind me of you. Then, you post these five words on your journal and explain them.

From [ profile] iamashamed:John Oliver, TDS, Australia, Fandoms, Uni )
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I got my first semester uni results.

Turns out they've been up for ages, but oblivious little me is oblivious.

I got high distinctions for my media subjects.



What the fuck.

I can't even.

I so thought I was failing.


Ego tirade over now. But seriously. I don't know how this happened.
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Today, I had my first ever uni exam.

(Law of torts, if you're interested)

I did not die.

I did not get lost on the way there.

I did not arrive to discover everything was written in latin.

I did not run out of time. I did not run out of ink.

There were no zombies.

There were no robot ninjas.

Flying saucers did not emerge from the skies to battles hordes of rather camp rainbow dragons in the skies above.

I did, however, sneeze at one point.

Needless to say, with strength and endurance I survived that and continued on.

My emotion upon realising it was over?


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I have two Dreamwidth codes and no idea what to do with 'em. know...if ya want, comment, they're yours.


In unrelated randomosity, I have the same ipod as my brother. Which means that occasionally, like today, I grab his and he grabs mine. So, here I am studying for my torts and foundations of law exams listening to the best of Eminem. Reading up on volenti non fit injura while humming along to "guess who's back, back again, shady's back, tell a friend..."

Hey, I think it's funny.           o.O

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I watched Good News Week last night (unusual, for me, but boredom can do strange things to a girl) and it was like a competition between David Campbell and Bob Brown as to who could be the more weirdly adorable. It was ridiculous. I was just sitting there thinking 'um, why are the Director of the Cabaret Festival and the Senator who just happens to lead the Greens party making flirty puppy dog eyes at everyone on national television? Did Bob Brown just sing with Kate Miller-Heidke? Did David Campbell just proposition Paul McDermott, and if so why is he now practically licking Julia Morris's neck? And once again: Bob Brown flirting with Paul McDermott. DOES NO ONE ELSE FIND THIS WEIRD?'

Actually, I was probably less disturbed by the fact that it was happening and more disturbed by the fact that it was happening on channel ten.

And then there was a newsflash about Bob Brown being possibly thrown out of the senate for bankruptcy or something, and I was all THEY SAID WHAT NOW? NO! I NEED MY GAY ENVRIONMENTAL CRUSADER ADORABLY BONKERS SENATOR! Have a sudden urge to mail him 20 bucks. It's all I can afford :(

Also, a shout out to any Americans on my flist: does it piss you off that you have to wait til 21 to be legal? I've just been to a string of 18ths and it made me ponder... that, and the fact that most of them started with something along the lines of  "I'm 18! Shots of absinthe all round!" indicates that the general starting age in Ausland, even for people like me who just don't really like alcohol, is more like 16 or 14. Or do you just not pay attention to the age limit (like us)?

Oh, and I'm fighting the desire to send a letter to the Bugle saying I want to marry John Oliver, because that would be rather embarassing all round and I'd regret it forever. But I can't help drafting the love letters in my head. *sighs*

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Swot vac starts today! I celebrated by grabbing myself a book of Neil Gaiman short stories and buying Ferris Buellers Day Off on DVD. I shall spend my weekend curled up on my couch cheering Ferris and wanting to comfort Cameron. Rounded off with stories of little old ladies who find the Holy Grail in op shops, jack-in-the-boxes who wait for children in the dark and grin, trolls who eat your life and wear your soul like a nice-fitting jacket and a St Nicholas who is as old as sin and prays for death, a martyr who wonders why Judas got a lighter punishment. Neil Gaimans books: the only horror stories I'd ever read.

In other news:

I'm becoming disturbingly attracted to Ryan Reynolds, nice people scare me, and Art vs Science )
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(Firstly, Happy Birthday
[profile] theblackmeat! Am I late? Stupid international timezones.)

Ok. So I'm doing the readings for my media course, and they are bemoaning the death of journalism, criticising the monglot of traditional news institutions and singing the praises of newsblogs as 'gatewatchers' and blah blah blah, when I come across this comment about Americans: "many of whom receive their news in the form of THE PITHY SATIRE PROVIDED BY JON STEWART AND STEPHEN COLBERT."

This is an academic. In my curriculum. Quoting Stewart/Colbert as an example of a media revolution.

I promptly proceeded down a spiral of squee and procrastination, scribbling 'fuck yeah fakenews ftw' all through the margins of my course reader, making macros and now here I am sitting in the university library writing this instead of revising the validity of volenti as a defence in a tort of negligence case.

Where my beloved fandoms are concerned, I really am more excitable than a labrador puppy on crack.

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