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Today my dad brought home some promotional material for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland extravaganza, and it was... extravagent.

To start with it was an enormous book, embossed and beribboned and fabulous, the first chapter of which detailed the history of the Alice in Wonderland story. The rest was a carefully hollowed-out compartment that held a second, smaller, but no less decorated book.

Inside that were pages and pages of fold-out artwork, a belend of screenshots from the film and gorgeous watercolour concept piece. And another carefully hollowed-out compartment holding the third book.

This third volume contains character art, photos and profiles, and of course another damned tiny book, blue and grey and spartan compared to the ornate decorations of the others. At least, it looks like a book, but it is instead a case. A case for a large, heavy metal key. It has "Alice's key" engraved on it.

Unscrew the key? It's a USB full of high-res film clips and trailers and bonus material.

Holy fuck.
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Ran across two things on the internet today that renewed my faith in awesome, which had been rather weakened by recent crappiness in my life which, while being annoying, are also pretty dull so no need to detail them. First one is evidence of Tim Burton once again playing the mad genius. HOW COOL IS THIS MAN? Very very cool. Yep. Plus, the man has a gorgeous wife and even more gorgeous boyfriend who both let him make them up into weird and wonderful, practically unrecognisable pieces of art. (and apart from Helena Bonham-Carter and Johnny Depp, the film has Anne Hathaway, Matt Lucas, Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Noah Taylor. COULD IT GET ANY BETTER? ONLY IF NOEL FIELDING AND JULIAN BARRAT POPPED UP.)

And then I found the most adorable interview with John Oliver and Rory Albanese after some stand-up gig they did at a college somewhere. There are, of course, some content issues. And I'm very responsible...

Warning: these videos contain John Oliver. The level of irresistable of this man may offend some viewers. It also contains John and Rory bickering, John and Rory flirting, a detailed discussion on whether John may or may not be a virgin, Rory apparently unwittingly insulting the interviewer a lot, Jon Stewart hero worship, bagging Demetri Martin and John adorably trying to play down the fact that he went to Cambridge.

Just watch them.


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