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As some of you may know, my laptop got broken over New Year, and I lost everything on it. I wasn't that bothered, really, because it was mostly uni stuff and since it's between years there was nothing on there I needed to save. But I was a bit sad about the fic bits and pieces.

Anyway, today I found an old back up drive, IDK, maybe a year old? I spent way to much time looking through all the old files. It was awesome :D all this stuff I'd forgotten starting, stuff I thought was lost, stuff I can't even identify as coherent sentences...

I'm kinda tempted to take some of them up again. But I haven't written much for ages now, I think I'd be even worse than when I started, if that was possible.

Besides, there's just so much! Seriously, whole piles of fakenews stuff; the first chapter of a sort of record-store au I started once, the first chapter of a film noir-ish mystery thing (which I had a sort of plot outline to at one point but I forgot it and it's not on the harddrive, so I too have no idea how it ends), a couple of random pieces of girl!Ollie and girl!Riggle, all sorts of stuff. And there's some random Good Omen-esque conversations I think I wrote before I even knew what fandom was. Little romantic Mighty Boosh fragments, too.

Oh, and for some reason roughly page long story about Howard Moon and Vince Noir buying a catapault (wtf, past-me?)

So, uh, there's is no point to this post, really, just my manic need to put my indecision into writing: on the one hand, I remember these ideas! Some of them were fun, and there are bits I still like!  On the other hand... writing is hard... and I fail at it. Really bad.

Maybe someone could adopt some of the ideas. Or something.

I might post the catapault thing for laughs, though. Gotta do something to distract myself from the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend right before fucking Valentines day *headdesk* I hate pink hearts very much right now.
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Also, apparently I cannot come up with endings for fics to save my life. Godammit.
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This post is just me coming to terms with the fact that I'll have no Jon or Stephen this week. By having silly silly fic ideas.  So, um, if you're not into the fakenews thang, feel free to ignore it.



I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN THEY HAVE HOLIDAYS. I'm selfish, yes. This is evident. I acknowledge it, and do not change my stance in any way. But now to the silly idea. Which is this:
  • I/We/You/Someone works out a set of rules Jon has for dealing with "Stephen". Say, 10 or 15 of them. Along the line of "when trying to work out if he is angry, ignore the content of his words and pay attention to the volume of his voice and as a last resort check his eyebrows..." but, like, better and funnier.
  • Then anyone who wants to  can take them and, like, write little drabbles for each one using whichever characters you want (but, y'know, "Stephen" will probably make an appearance, obviously...)
  • So it could be Jon/"Stephen" stuff, or examples of when people who don't know the rules interact with Stephen (Andy guesting? Bill O being a hurtful dick?) or maybe someone like Rob Corddry or Ollie is hosting cos Jon is sick and they're trying to stick to the rules and failing awesomely or... THE POSSIBILITIES. THEY ARE ENDLESS.
  • And then we can all post/share/compare the drabbles and it will be made of sunshine and rainbows
Is this a stupid idea?



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So, um, online hot comedians poll.

In first place we have Jon! In second, Stephen... "Stephen Colbert may have gained fame for his work under Jon Stewart"... oh dear lord someone let that writer know exactly what goes on here in the interwebs so they can reconsider that sentence. And rounding up the (top) threesome of awesome, John!

So, it seems that to be considered sexy all you have to do is this:

... and this:

... and a little bit of this:

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(Firstly, Happy Birthday
[profile] theblackmeat! Am I late? Stupid international timezones.)

Ok. So I'm doing the readings for my media course, and they are bemoaning the death of journalism, criticising the monglot of traditional news institutions and singing the praises of newsblogs as 'gatewatchers' and blah blah blah, when I come across this comment about Americans: "many of whom receive their news in the form of THE PITHY SATIRE PROVIDED BY JON STEWART AND STEPHEN COLBERT."

This is an academic. In my curriculum. Quoting Stewart/Colbert as an example of a media revolution.

I promptly proceeded down a spiral of squee and procrastination, scribbling 'fuck yeah fakenews ftw' all through the margins of my course reader, making macros and now here I am sitting in the university library writing this instead of revising the validity of volenti as a defence in a tort of negligence case.

Where my beloved fandoms are concerned, I really am more excitable than a labrador puppy on crack.

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What is this now? A delightful, amusing timesink? The temporal equivalent of a black hole? Very much my sort of thing?

Hell yeah.

Pick your 6 favorite fandoms and answer the questions (don't look at the questions before). Six favourite? Mon cherie you must be kidding me. I'm a fandom whore. Lets just go with six favourite at this point in time, shall we?

1. The Mighty Boosh
2. IT Crowd
3. Black Books
4. Fakenews
5. Watchmen
6. Star Trek

Second star on the right and straight on til morning )

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Me: Wow. What a crappy week.

LJ: Really? Here, have glorious Ozy screencaps

Me: Shiny... baby's so fierce...

LJ: and some fakenews picspam

Me: Oh dear god. That is not Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart making out. Twice. This... how? Wha? Don't you dare do this to me I need use of my legs, dammit. Why is there no video? Why?

LJ: and some fic recs at fakenews_fanfic

Me: Eyes... sore... from much... awesome...

LJ: new Noel Fielding icons

Me: Uhum. I shall be in my bunk.

LJ: we also have a new Adrian/Dan fan comm-

Me: OH HOLY SHIT YES. Pretty boys! Hugs! Significant glances! Angst! Competing to see who has the cutest pout! Dan, just stop hitting him and kiss him, dammit...

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I just wanted to ponder my own uselessness. Seriously, it's depressing. I think I need to make a move to less awesome fandoms, lower the standards a bit. Every time I go to make an icon or write something... wham. Someone has just posted something mind-bendingly brilliant and all will to continue fades to nothing.

How can I compete with revolution through comedy in Orwellian dystopias or Adrian Veidt with a purple kitten on his head? Really? Did I ever have a chance? I am so not an internet person. And I think photoshop hates me.

But the fact is, you guys have me hitched. I'm addicted. Couldn't leave if I wanted to. It's stupid... I've had this journal for like two months, but in terms of use I may as well have had it for a week. See that little mouse? The one hiding in the corner watching everything go by with big wide eyes? Wave to it, cos its me.

Meh. Maybe I'll get braver with time. After all, thanks to [ profile] theblackmeat , I'm now creeping out of my mouse hole to friend some people.  :)
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