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Dear John and Andy,

Only days after discovering that Tom is headed for certain heatstroke down my end of the world, I turned on the news and discovered that ranting xenophobe politician Pauline Pantsdown Hanson has announced she is moving to Britain.

It is very clear what has happened here, and as a loyal Bugler I feel it my duty to tell you that you are getting shafted. You are sending us a member of the Bugle family and you're getting Nick Griffin without the y chromosome (but with more remixing experience, which I know you like) in return. I can only assume large amounts of alcohol were involved in the decision making process. Or maybe a dastardly but understandable trick by my desperate nation to get rid of her. In any case, surely it's not to late to change your mind.

We'll keep Tom though. He's lovely.

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Woah. My holidays are being busier than I expected. Shotgun update? I'll take the silence as a yes...

- Had an epic catch-up session of the Bugle. God how I love the Bugle. Especially when John get passionate about gay rights. And when Andy teases John about 'the film career' and John just sort of half-laughs, half-whimpers 'please don't' and it's precious. Oh yeah, and the American! "You meet George Clooney, what are you going to do? Not blow him?" In summary, CATHEDRAL TO THE FACE.

- Damn you, Josh Thomas. Until you my TV gaydar was infallible. *shakes fist*

- Cold Souls is a great film.

- A couple of days ago I saw a preview screening of Sherlock Holmes, and it was ridiculous in every single way, and I quite enjoyed it. And I swear, at one point I genuinely believed Holmes and Watson's potential girlfriend were going to leap at each other across the table a la Jerry Springer and pull each others hair screaming "he's mine, bitch!" - Bought tickets! Futuremusic and BDO, I'm going to be seeing Muse and Franz Ferdinand and the Decemberists and Grinspoon and Lily Allen and Ladyhawke and Empire of the Sun and the Horrors and... I'll shut up now. But still. Festival season. Yay.

- Extra pay has not yet come through. Cannot bring myself to regret buying tickets, though.

- My friends have been forcing me to watch much ridiculous anime, and I think their tendency to call out each others names for a good four or five minutes straight each episode is messing with my mind. But more importantly, the fact that anime subtext is by my standards straight-out dialogue porn. Seriously. One character is trying to fight his old friend because of a third, mutual friend and former leader; "He never looked at me! He looked at you! Always you!" and then the former-leader guy rocks up and assures them he loves them both and was always watching them and my friends fail to see the gayness in that.

- It doesn't help that one of these three guys looks like this:

Yes, that is a guy. I know. Characters in-universe make the same mistake. And stalk him when he is bathing naked. And are traumatised. And then there is the episode where he wears a nurses outfit...
My friends assure me this is normal for anime and I will get used to it eventually.

- Bought Christmas presents. Have literally no money. Extra pay still not through. Grrr. 

- Still haven't posted any pics from the holiday... um... I think some people wanted to see them, but then again you may have just been being polite, so if anyone genuinely does want to see landscape porn, big rocks and seals let me know and  I'll get off my lazy ass and post some. 

- Robert Downey Jr is sex.

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I got a job this week (cue insane celebrating! yee hah!) which means I'll be able to buy all those lovely, lovely things that I definitely don't need and even more definitely WANT LIKE BURNING. I may single handedly save the little record store in town... I'm going to buy so much vinyl they'll feel the aftershocks in Canada. And don't ask me how that works, it's a perfectly gorgeous, expressive, and utterly useless nonsensical metaphor that doesn't really serve its purpose but I won't hear a word against it.

Apart from that, not a lot else happening, and that's the way I like it. I saw The Hangover for a second time because I'm a doormat and my friends hadn't seen it, and walked out incredibly relieved that it was still funny enough to be enjoyable the second time. I  just have such a love for Ed Helms in that, and it's not even because of the TDS connection, since he was on way before my time. I just think he's adorable. And I have such a kink for funny, nervous, mistreated characters. "She beats you!" "That was only twice, and I was out of line..." I have not yet seen HP or Bruno, and don't really mind if it stays that way. The trailers have made me book Public Enemies, Inglorious Basterds and that new Sherlock Holmes one into my near future. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr bickering like and old married couple is love.

Some family friends are in England at the moment. The youngest is seven and emailed me to say they're in Camden and she's looking out for Noel Fielding for me, and if she sees him she'll give him my phone number. That's why I love kids :D

I find it disproportionately hilarious that the show "Supernatural" starts  with a warning containing the words 'this show may contain supernatural themes...' MAY? May contain supernatural themes? Oh, ok then, if there's only a chance I might risk it...

Oh, and it's meme time again:

Comment and I'll give you five words that remind me of you. Then, you post these five words on your journal and explain them.

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I'm home. Back home. With broadband. No more waiting half an hour to get to the log on screen for lj. No more stupid error messages eating all my comments. I can actually load images. And videos... OH GOD THE VIDEOS!

It feels so good.

And makes me realise how depressingly addicted I am to *waves arms in a flaily manner* all this stuff. The interwebs.

It was a good holiday, though, and I saw a Beckett play and the Dali exhibition, and I stretched not much money to cover a ridiculous number of clothes from amazing shops, including a sort of Indian looking green silk scarf, a too-short black dress (I never can help myself) and some sweet stripey jeans. A BOOSH T-SHIRT. And black leather rounded toe brass buttoned petite little heeled boots.

But that is uninteresting to anyone except me.  *pets new boots*

Oh yeah, and the Ashes. The bloody, bloody Ashes. I'm not a cricket watcher, but my parents are, and holiday=one television, which leads therefore to the dark realm of 'no other choice'.  BUT. But but but. I have a new respect for this game now.

It breaks the space time continuum.

Seriously! In what other game can so much happen during a period of time when, looked at realistically, absolutely nothing at all is happening? It's like a well-brought up black hole with some strange, eccentric mannerisms, an unhealthy obsession with a patch of grass and men of varying degrees of cuteness running around in white pants that are loose everywhere but around the ass. Conspiracy, clearly. 

I also made these observations:
  •  They worry a lot about rain
  • Flintoff giggles. And it is adorable.
  • England didn't seem to be trying very hard
  • I don't understand what 'the follow-on' is or why it means Australia misses a go at batting
  • My parents ignore me when I ask questions (see above) because they are too busy debating the merits of "putting another slip at third"... or something... IDEK what they are talking about.
  • Hilfenhaus kind of looks like Karl Urban. If you squint. Alright, fine. Not that much. But he reminds me of Karl.
And concerning this weeks Bugle, I love the fact Andy wasn't concentrating because he was watching Ashes replays. And that John was resigned to the fact. And that Tom has an Aussie wife and is supporting Australia. And how this makes Andy all rant-y.

I hope John gets his plane on time :)
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This week I have exams, driving tests, job interviews, applications and an assignment due in.

And I've never been so bored.

Is it even possible to be bored and in a blind panic at the same time? Well, clearly yes, because that's me right now, but seriously. Wtf.

Listening to the Bugle is a lovely antidote, though, and this weeks was so sweet. Righteous indignation over Iran, then a lengthy bout of self-mocking from John. First he talked about the GQ shoot, and how they'd photoshopped him to oblivion and back, and how he didn't blame them. Then they were talking about The Guru and Andy still hasn't seen it, and John was instructing him to wait until he was on his deathbed and then watch it at his bedside, because by the time it's finished he'd be smothering him with a pillow.

I love John Oliver.

And so... I made me some John Oliver icons!

Boredom is decreasing. This is good.

And I just saw something shiny, so bye bye...

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I watched Good News Week last night (unusual, for me, but boredom can do strange things to a girl) and it was like a competition between David Campbell and Bob Brown as to who could be the more weirdly adorable. It was ridiculous. I was just sitting there thinking 'um, why are the Director of the Cabaret Festival and the Senator who just happens to lead the Greens party making flirty puppy dog eyes at everyone on national television? Did Bob Brown just sing with Kate Miller-Heidke? Did David Campbell just proposition Paul McDermott, and if so why is he now practically licking Julia Morris's neck? And once again: Bob Brown flirting with Paul McDermott. DOES NO ONE ELSE FIND THIS WEIRD?'

Actually, I was probably less disturbed by the fact that it was happening and more disturbed by the fact that it was happening on channel ten.

And then there was a newsflash about Bob Brown being possibly thrown out of the senate for bankruptcy or something, and I was all THEY SAID WHAT NOW? NO! I NEED MY GAY ENVRIONMENTAL CRUSADER ADORABLY BONKERS SENATOR! Have a sudden urge to mail him 20 bucks. It's all I can afford :(

Also, a shout out to any Americans on my flist: does it piss you off that you have to wait til 21 to be legal? I've just been to a string of 18ths and it made me ponder... that, and the fact that most of them started with something along the lines of  "I'm 18! Shots of absinthe all round!" indicates that the general starting age in Ausland, even for people like me who just don't really like alcohol, is more like 16 or 14. Or do you just not pay attention to the age limit (like us)?

Oh, and I'm fighting the desire to send a letter to the Bugle saying I want to marry John Oliver, because that would be rather embarassing all round and I'd regret it forever. But I can't help drafting the love letters in my head. *sighs*

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