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I finally got around to watching the pilot for White Collar, and I remembered how someone on my flist said it was great and fun and sexy and just screaming OT3, among other things.

They were so right.

I mean, it's terribly silly but it's fast and kinda funny and I really like it. I'll probably get really boring about this real fast, so I'll just say this: Matthew Bomer's eyes. Oh dear god, his wide beseeching mischievous cocky vulnerable beautiful damn eyes. And the way they change from when Peter is saying "I'm putting you back in prison" to when Peter's half-smiling and telling him to stop dancing in the office.

Also I got a snow cookie thingy. I don't know what that is but THANK YOU :D (you know who you are)
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  • Exams are upon me, officially, from today. Study break has begun, and I remember why study does not agree with me. I cannot focus on one thing for more than a few... I'm sorry, I lost the end of that sentence, I was thinking about Batman.  And if I fail because I'm writing genderswap fic, blame [ profile] _lady_vanilla_and the ridiculous amounts of win she is made of.
  • [personal profile] oni_butterflyis awesome. ALGERNON THE NINJA KATANA OF DOOM  SAYS HI, BB.
  • I found out there are two schools of thought regarding Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'; 1) that this girl is the only thing that 'keeps him hanging on' to life and all that, in a very sweet simple way, and 2) the ironic version, as backed up by the ending 'you will reap just what you sow', in which this girl gave him a perfect day and yet keeps him hanging on the edge. I can't decide which one to go with.
  • I have found myself watching Rush solely because I find Samuel Johnson utterly adorable. He's all scruffy. And alcoholic. And socially impaired in the most charming way possible. Basically, he has my look - the beaten-up-puppy-dog look - and I cringe at the plot and the dialogue but I keep watching. Hello, Mr Shallow, come sit in the Character Flaw Room, you'll find many firends to talk to. (Also, seems every cop show on Aussie tv has a lipstick lesbian. Interesting. I did not know that was now a genre requirement.)



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