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As some of you may know, my laptop got broken over New Year, and I lost everything on it. I wasn't that bothered, really, because it was mostly uni stuff and since it's between years there was nothing on there I needed to save. But I was a bit sad about the fic bits and pieces.

Anyway, today I found an old back up drive, IDK, maybe a year old? I spent way to much time looking through all the old files. It was awesome :D all this stuff I'd forgotten starting, stuff I thought was lost, stuff I can't even identify as coherent sentences...

I'm kinda tempted to take some of them up again. But I haven't written much for ages now, I think I'd be even worse than when I started, if that was possible.

Besides, there's just so much! Seriously, whole piles of fakenews stuff; the first chapter of a sort of record-store au I started once, the first chapter of a film noir-ish mystery thing (which I had a sort of plot outline to at one point but I forgot it and it's not on the harddrive, so I too have no idea how it ends), a couple of random pieces of girl!Ollie and girl!Riggle, all sorts of stuff. And there's some random Good Omen-esque conversations I think I wrote before I even knew what fandom was. Little romantic Mighty Boosh fragments, too.

Oh, and for some reason roughly page long story about Howard Moon and Vince Noir buying a catapault (wtf, past-me?)

So, uh, there's is no point to this post, really, just my manic need to put my indecision into writing: on the one hand, I remember these ideas! Some of them were fun, and there are bits I still like!  On the other hand... writing is hard... and I fail at it. Really bad.

Maybe someone could adopt some of the ideas. Or something.

I might post the catapault thing for laughs, though. Gotta do something to distract myself from the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend right before fucking Valentines day *headdesk* I hate pink hearts very much right now.
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Football player on razor scooter, chasing shirtless theater major: I'll get you my pretty... And your little dick too!
- Overheard In New York

Great Jon and Stephen uni!prompt, or greatest Jon and Stephen uni!prompt?
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I just got home yesterday to discover my brother had stolen my phone and changed the ringtone to the Colbert Report theme tune, and because mum is out tonight dad picked up a film on the way home and he picked Watchmen. The boys of my family: currently being rather awesome. And in other news...
  • I sort of feel like playing the old put-itunes-on-shuffle-and-see-what-you-can-write-in-a-song game. So... um... if anyone wants to give me a pairing, or fandom, I'll write you, say, three song drabbles from whatever my itunes throws at me? If anyone wants? Just for laughs.
  • I was guided to this by the lovely [info]butchiemcgee (the mighty ruler of the land of gifs and Matthew Goode) and find myself... amused and highly, highly disturbed. That might just be a little too much information about The Bear Jew for me to handle. But I have now made myself a Basterds icon...

  • Everyone in my family loves Glee. Which is good. Less all-out no-mercy blood-and-tumble battles for the remote. At least on Thursday nights.

  • It is impossible to feel threatened by Cary Grant, even when he is trying really really hard.
  • Oh yeah, and the Emmy's! I missed them. I saw maybe the first half hour. I never cared before, but I sorta wanted to see if Jon or Stephen won anything :D. I did notice there were a ridiculous number of Australians. Neil Patrick Harris, why don't you like women? *sighs* Because I want to take Dr Horrible home. Just a little bit.


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Also, apparently I cannot come up with endings for fics to save my life. Godammit.
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Mr. Colbert, thanks for coming to your performance review

No problem, Jon.

So you're in charge around the Report, is that fair to say?

Absolutely, I'm the boss

Okay, so take us through a day in the life of the boss

Well the first thing I do is...

Greet the Nation (like a boss)
Speak Truthiness (like a boss)
Tonight’s Word (like a boss)
And now a Threatdown (like a boss)

Run for President (like a boss)
Withdraw nobly (like a boss)
Make Huckabee (like a boss)
Fight with Conan (like a boss)

Ask Tad to tumble (like a boss)
Get rejected (like a boss)
Swallow sadness (like a boss)
Blame gay agenda (like a boss)

Grope interns (like a boss)
Be racially colour-blind (like a boss)
Take on NASA (like a boss)
My name’s in space (like a boss)

Harrassment lawsuit (like a boss)
Lose Emmy to Manilow (like a boss)
Stalk Charlene (like a boss)
Send Tad to Alabama (like a boss)

Pull out Sweetness (like a boss)
In my mouth (like a boss)
Oh fuck man I can't fucking do it... shit!
Pussy out (like a boss)

Eating Bobby (like a boss)
Dance-off with Rain (like a boss)
Blow Papa Bear (like a boss)
Score honey-crack (like a boss)

Suck my own dick (like a boss)
Break my wrist (like a boss)
Addicted to painkillers (like a boss)
Barack wearing Wriststrong (like a boss)

Black out in the gutter (like a boss)
Meet the Statue of Liberty (like a boss)
Fuck its brains out (like a boss)

Lose my hair in Iraq (like a boss)
Fly a fighter jet (like a boss)
Crash into Al-Faw Palace (like a boss)
Now I'm dead (like a boss)

Uh huh. So that's an average day for you then, Stephen?

No doubt, Jon.

You fuck the Statue of Liberty and then you die?

Hell yeah

And I think at one point there you said something about sucking your own dick


Actually I'm pretty sure you did

No, Jon, I'm not a flag-burning, gay marrying pinko-liberal sexual deviant.

Okay. Well, this has been eye opening for me

I'm the boss

Yeah, no, I got that. You said it about four-hundred times

I'm the boss

Yeah. I got it.

I'm the boss

No, I heard you... uh, see you later

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So, um, here is a draft of Jon Stewart's Rules For Surviving Interaction With Stephen Colbert. I'm on holiday with the dodgiest internet connection, so sorry about taking forever. Tried to do it prettily as an apology. Thanks to everyone for giving me these awesome rules :)

Tell me if I've missed anything... or if you have better ideas...

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This post is just me coming to terms with the fact that I'll have no Jon or Stephen this week. By having silly silly fic ideas.  So, um, if you're not into the fakenews thang, feel free to ignore it.



I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN THEY HAVE HOLIDAYS. I'm selfish, yes. This is evident. I acknowledge it, and do not change my stance in any way. But now to the silly idea. Which is this:
  • I/We/You/Someone works out a set of rules Jon has for dealing with "Stephen". Say, 10 or 15 of them. Along the line of "when trying to work out if he is angry, ignore the content of his words and pay attention to the volume of his voice and as a last resort check his eyebrows..." but, like, better and funnier.
  • Then anyone who wants to  can take them and, like, write little drabbles for each one using whichever characters you want (but, y'know, "Stephen" will probably make an appearance, obviously...)
  • So it could be Jon/"Stephen" stuff, or examples of when people who don't know the rules interact with Stephen (Andy guesting? Bill O being a hurtful dick?) or maybe someone like Rob Corddry or Ollie is hosting cos Jon is sick and they're trying to stick to the rules and failing awesomely or... THE POSSIBILITIES. THEY ARE ENDLESS.
  • And then we can all post/share/compare the drabbles and it will be made of sunshine and rainbows
Is this a stupid idea?



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1) Name 25 of your LJ Friends.
2) Then put your music playlist on shuffle.
3) Each random song is dedicated to one of your Friends. (Ex;First song for first friend on list)
4) Ready? GO!

_lady_vanilla_ Novocaine for the Soul - Eels
aeon_entwined Western Eyes - Portishead
alivemagdolene The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana
anais_rhys The Leggionaire's Lament - The Decemberists
avidlydelicious (Antichrist Television Blues) - Arcade Fire
butchiemcgee Help, I'm Alive - Metric
darkecology There's No One - The Whitlams
duckgirlie  Read My Mind - The Killers
fourleftxaviers  NYC - Interpol
huntingsnarks  Beautiful Child - Rufus Wainwright
insomniacures  I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie
klaatu_09  Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
klaudyna  Farewell to the Fairground - White Lies
nova_mist  Black Math - The White Stripes
oni_butterfly  My Delirium - Ladyhawke
paperdays  Dawn of the Dead - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
sailorptah  Heart It Races -  Architecture in Helsinki
sarcasticsra  Guitar Hero - Amanda Palmer
sirdrakesheir  Orange Crush - REM
taurenova  Teenage Angst - Placebo
theblackmeat  Karma Police - Radiohead (missed out on Molko by one song...godammit!)
tigris18   Knights of Cydonia - Muse
trustingno1  Vid Spilum Endalaust - Sigur Ros
truthiness_aura  Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
warriorpoet  Don't Fight It - The Panics

Also, it seems to be Pride time in the states, and everyone is going OMG PART-AY! I'm rather jealous. Anyway, to get into the spirit of things I sulkily fucked around on photoshop made some really gay fakenews pics and icons )

as requested by[info]tigris18


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I'm listening to a song and I just heard the line 'shot down like a pro-choice doctor in texas'.


They're odd boys, British India. Anyway, I'm really just posting because I had a weird, weird dream. And I wanted to describe it, because I'm bored. )

So that's the dream. Yeah. I seriously did dream that. Not that I care if you believe me or no, it makes no difference, but it would be nice if you did. Because then you could understand my eagerness to go to bed tonight and see if I can come up with something similar.

Yes, I know dreams don't work like that.

Oh, shut up.
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So, um, online hot comedians poll.

In first place we have Jon! In second, Stephen... "Stephen Colbert may have gained fame for his work under Jon Stewart"... oh dear lord someone let that writer know exactly what goes on here in the interwebs so they can reconsider that sentence. And rounding up the (top) threesome of awesome, John!

So, it seems that to be considered sexy all you have to do is this:

... and this:

... and a little bit of this:

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Ahh... what a hellish week. Back at uni, no sleep, so much work, trudging to classes, dodgy late night trains... and to top it all off somehow I have been selected a Chief Scheduler/Re-scheduler of Social Arrangements for my friends, their friends, and any hobos I happen to meet on the street. MY INBOX CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH ABUSE! On the upside, my old enemy technology has revealed reluctantly to me how to turn my records into mp3s, so my music collection is happily swollen. *pets vinyl* don't fear, my pretties, I still love you most, it's just that you're not very practical on a train.

Other random fragments of thoughts from the week:

Top Gear Africa Special! I love you, SBS. I got to see Jeremy and James singing "it's sad, so sad, such a sad sad situation" with barely concealed glee AND relive the epic romance of the Hamster and his Oliver! (A man. A car. They meet. They know. Others will taunt. "He's given it a name!" But they carry on. Through salt and sand. A river - tragedy. Olllivveerrr! Will Oliver survive? ...Of course he will, you idiot, this is a gushy romance, how did you think it would end?)

My dog ate a tube of glitterglue. This worries me.

Dylan Moran, Chris O'Dowd, David O'Doherty...dishevelled irish comedians are so sexy. A Film With Me In It is coming out soon! Celebratory dance, girls and boys, put on your red shoes and dance the blues!


My lecturer was being adorable again this week, with self-deprecating comments on his own nerdiness and smiley faces at the bottom of our assignment memos. Sometimes a just wanna *squish* him in his messy-hair-and-piercings-ness. (I thought he was a student on the first day...)

This is awesome:

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It is generally acknowledged that I have a problem when it comes to decision making. If confronted with, say, two types of cereal in the morning or a range of empty chairs at a cafe I have to go run and find a large heavy table to crouch under, rocking back and forth until the white specks stop clouding my vision.

Well, not quite, but pretty damn close. So the fact that I have some Borders vouchers left after buying all the cd's on my wishlist is a problem. I feel this money should go to comedy, because there's shit all laughter in my life right now, but there are to many fabulous choices so I have retreated to my 'happy place' and beg of you to make it for me! Tell me what to buy! I have enough money for just about two DVDs.

(Also, I was shown the light in the form of the random paragraph generator and am now spending a frightening amount of time smashing various names into it and reading altogether way too much into what comes out. On the one hand I am getting in touch with my inner child and the love affair I had with words when I was young, but on the other hand I have discovered that my inner child is a four-year-old manic depressive on acid. Who can read porn into anything. So because I have too much time on my hands, I made some random paragraphs for each option. I FIND THEM AMUSING, DON'T JUDGE ME)

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Me: Wow. What a crappy week.

LJ: Really? Here, have glorious Ozy screencaps

Me: Shiny... baby's so fierce...

LJ: and some fakenews picspam

Me: Oh dear god. That is not Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart making out. Twice. This... how? Wha? Don't you dare do this to me I need use of my legs, dammit. Why is there no video? Why?

LJ: and some fic recs at fakenews_fanfic

Me: Eyes... sore... from much... awesome...

LJ: new Noel Fielding icons

Me: Uhum. I shall be in my bunk.

LJ: we also have a new Adrian/Dan fan comm-

Me: OH HOLY SHIT YES. Pretty boys! Hugs! Significant glances! Angst! Competing to see who has the cutest pout! Dan, just stop hitting him and kiss him, dammit...

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