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- Got home restless, so I did end up posting a few of those things I found on the old hard drive and mentioned here. Only the Boosh drabbles so far, not sure what to do with the longer fakenews stuff yet.  here be gratuitous siege weaponry and glitter (at my... fic journal. Um. It has been pointed out to me this is no use if no one knows I have one. Good point, you-know-who-you-are. So there, is that pimped enough for you? ♥)

- Montgomery Clift is a gorgeous, gorgeous man, and From Here To Eternity made me cry. Especially the Frank Sinatra bits. He out-acted the actors.

- I played my ipod on shuffle for half an hour today, and the most cheerful song to come on was "One of Us Is Gonna Die Young". Do you think it's trying to tell me something?

I was also a part of this glorious conversation (loud, and on crowded public transport) with a friend.

Me: But she's bisexual.
Him: Ew, that means she takes it up the ass!
Me:  (long pause) what?
Him: I... I don't even know.
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As some of you may know, my laptop got broken over New Year, and I lost everything on it. I wasn't that bothered, really, because it was mostly uni stuff and since it's between years there was nothing on there I needed to save. But I was a bit sad about the fic bits and pieces.

Anyway, today I found an old back up drive, IDK, maybe a year old? I spent way to much time looking through all the old files. It was awesome :D all this stuff I'd forgotten starting, stuff I thought was lost, stuff I can't even identify as coherent sentences...

I'm kinda tempted to take some of them up again. But I haven't written much for ages now, I think I'd be even worse than when I started, if that was possible.

Besides, there's just so much! Seriously, whole piles of fakenews stuff; the first chapter of a sort of record-store au I started once, the first chapter of a film noir-ish mystery thing (which I had a sort of plot outline to at one point but I forgot it and it's not on the harddrive, so I too have no idea how it ends), a couple of random pieces of girl!Ollie and girl!Riggle, all sorts of stuff. And there's some random Good Omen-esque conversations I think I wrote before I even knew what fandom was. Little romantic Mighty Boosh fragments, too.

Oh, and for some reason roughly page long story about Howard Moon and Vince Noir buying a catapault (wtf, past-me?)

So, uh, there's is no point to this post, really, just my manic need to put my indecision into writing: on the one hand, I remember these ideas! Some of them were fun, and there are bits I still like!  On the other hand... writing is hard... and I fail at it. Really bad.

Maybe someone could adopt some of the ideas. Or something.

I might post the catapault thing for laughs, though. Gotta do something to distract myself from the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend right before fucking Valentines day *headdesk* I hate pink hearts very much right now.
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So, I'm in my tutorial working on the Macs learning how to use the bloody things and their strange film editing programs. The tutor (who is also my lecturer) tells us to grab some photographs from google and try and make a slideshow just to ease our way into it.

As she walks around, she stops by me as I have this up:

Tutor: Who is that?

Me: That's Noel Fielding.

Tutor: Is she an actress?

Me: Nope. He's a comedian.

Tutor: ....

Me: I think he's incredibly hot.

My Friend: Yeah, he is.

Me: I'd hit that.

Tutor: ...he looks like a woman.

Me: I know. It's awesome.

Tutor:  O_O

In other news, I need an idea for my short film for this media course. Fuck it. I mean, law is harder, but at least we don't have to be creative.

And, as I have discovered, I fail at creativity.

Edit: I just found this and have to include it because it's gorgeous. Oh, boys. Your love is epic.

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I got a job this week (cue insane celebrating! yee hah!) which means I'll be able to buy all those lovely, lovely things that I definitely don't need and even more definitely WANT LIKE BURNING. I may single handedly save the little record store in town... I'm going to buy so much vinyl they'll feel the aftershocks in Canada. And don't ask me how that works, it's a perfectly gorgeous, expressive, and utterly useless nonsensical metaphor that doesn't really serve its purpose but I won't hear a word against it.

Apart from that, not a lot else happening, and that's the way I like it. I saw The Hangover for a second time because I'm a doormat and my friends hadn't seen it, and walked out incredibly relieved that it was still funny enough to be enjoyable the second time. I  just have such a love for Ed Helms in that, and it's not even because of the TDS connection, since he was on way before my time. I just think he's adorable. And I have such a kink for funny, nervous, mistreated characters. "She beats you!" "That was only twice, and I was out of line..." I have not yet seen HP or Bruno, and don't really mind if it stays that way. The trailers have made me book Public Enemies, Inglorious Basterds and that new Sherlock Holmes one into my near future. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr bickering like and old married couple is love.

Some family friends are in England at the moment. The youngest is seven and emailed me to say they're in Camden and she's looking out for Noel Fielding for me, and if she sees him she'll give him my phone number. That's why I love kids :D

I find it disproportionately hilarious that the show "Supernatural" starts  with a warning containing the words 'this show may contain supernatural themes...' MAY? May contain supernatural themes? Oh, ok then, if there's only a chance I might risk it...

Oh, and it's meme time again:

Comment and I'll give you five words that remind me of you. Then, you post these five words on your journal and explain them.

From [ profile] iamashamed:John Oliver, TDS, Australia, Fandoms, Uni )
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Me: Wow. What a crappy week.

LJ: Really? Here, have glorious Ozy screencaps

Me: Shiny... baby's so fierce...

LJ: and some fakenews picspam

Me: Oh dear god. That is not Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart making out. Twice. This... how? Wha? Don't you dare do this to me I need use of my legs, dammit. Why is there no video? Why?

LJ: and some fic recs at fakenews_fanfic

Me: Eyes... sore... from much... awesome...

LJ: new Noel Fielding icons

Me: Uhum. I shall be in my bunk.

LJ: we also have a new Adrian/Dan fan comm-

Me: OH HOLY SHIT YES. Pretty boys! Hugs! Significant glances! Angst! Competing to see who has the cutest pout! Dan, just stop hitting him and kiss him, dammit...

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I have never made icons before. So, um, be very gentle please? The first six are Mighty Boosh, mainly Noel because he's so yummy it almost makes my brain implode. And then the next three are Ozy looking broody and awesome.

1.    2.    3. 
.      4.            5.            6.     

1.    2.      3. 

Did I not mention you can take these? Do I need to say that or is it just assumed? Well, if you're mad enough to like them, go crazy. Snatch 'em, change 'em, do whatever you want to them.


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