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Even though there are so many things I should be doing right now (To that person I owe fic to: I'm sorry! I'm almost done, I swear!), I'm going to steal a meme from [info]warriorpoet because I have no self control.

A line from 25 random songs. Guess the title and artist. Comments are screened for now so everyone can have a shot at everything. I'm putting your username next to the ones you get right in the meantime :D Googling makes Baby Jesus cry.

I'm taking 'random' to mean put my itunes on shuffle. This may be embarrassing. Don't judge me.

1. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. ([ profile] warriorpoet )

2. I've been down across a road or two, but now I've found the velvet sun that shines on me and you.

3. Fill the cavity and you're a God-shaped hole tonight, for what it's worth.

4. And I recall in spring the perfume that the air would bring to the indolent town.

5. There's only room for one and here she comes, here she comes.

6. We will wait for you and lead you through dance floor, up to the DJ booth you know what to ask for.

7. You're just alone when you begin to sing a song that doesn't sing, it grows, you know.

8. When I got to the bedroom there was somebody waiting and it isn't my fault that the barbarian raped me.

9. He started crying, it sounded like an earthquake. ([ profile] warriorpoet)

10. You'll lose everything before the end, still my broken limbs you find time to mend.

11. You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark. ([ profile] warriorpoet , [ profile] starshine24mc )

12. Whisper words of wisdom. ([ profile] kitsunesan, [ profile] warriorpoet )

13. That could have been the beginning of the end, if I wasn't already in the middle.

14. They say you die faster than without water, but we know it's just a lie to scare your son to scare your daughter. ([ profile] _lady_vanilla_ )

15. Lately you've been tanned, suspicious for the winter.

16. When you're on the street, depending on the street, I bet you're definitely in the top three. ([ profile] warriorpoet)

17. You caught me under false pretenses, how long before you let me go?([ profile] kitsunesan)

18. We rejoice because the hurting is so painless from the distance of passing cars.

19. We should have each other for tea, we should have each other with cream.

20. There's always something happening and it's usually quite loud.([ profile] starshine24mc )

21. But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot, I guess not.

22. Your feet are going to be on the ground, your head is there to move you around. ([ profile] kitsunesan, [ profile] warriorpoet )

23. I'm taking back the number of the beast because six is not a pretty number, eight or three are definitely better.

24. Relax? Yes, I'm trying, but fear's got a hold on me.

25. Ok, you're kinda sexy, but you're not really special.
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As some of you may know, my laptop got broken over New Year, and I lost everything on it. I wasn't that bothered, really, because it was mostly uni stuff and since it's between years there was nothing on there I needed to save. But I was a bit sad about the fic bits and pieces.

Anyway, today I found an old back up drive, IDK, maybe a year old? I spent way to much time looking through all the old files. It was awesome :D all this stuff I'd forgotten starting, stuff I thought was lost, stuff I can't even identify as coherent sentences...

I'm kinda tempted to take some of them up again. But I haven't written much for ages now, I think I'd be even worse than when I started, if that was possible.

Besides, there's just so much! Seriously, whole piles of fakenews stuff; the first chapter of a sort of record-store au I started once, the first chapter of a film noir-ish mystery thing (which I had a sort of plot outline to at one point but I forgot it and it's not on the harddrive, so I too have no idea how it ends), a couple of random pieces of girl!Ollie and girl!Riggle, all sorts of stuff. And there's some random Good Omen-esque conversations I think I wrote before I even knew what fandom was. Little romantic Mighty Boosh fragments, too.

Oh, and for some reason roughly page long story about Howard Moon and Vince Noir buying a catapault (wtf, past-me?)

So, uh, there's is no point to this post, really, just my manic need to put my indecision into writing: on the one hand, I remember these ideas! Some of them were fun, and there are bits I still like!  On the other hand... writing is hard... and I fail at it. Really bad.

Maybe someone could adopt some of the ideas. Or something.

I might post the catapault thing for laughs, though. Gotta do something to distract myself from the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend right before fucking Valentines day *headdesk* I hate pink hearts very much right now.
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Broke up with my boyfriend today. My call, and... well, to resort to cliche, it was for the best.

Still kinda sucks though.

A lot.

EDIT: I have found binging on episodes of Classic!Who to be an effective distraction technique. My experimentation's show that Tom Baker is a bit too bouncy, but Davison's wistful stare is just right. Dammit, Five, why are you so abusable?
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Football player on razor scooter, chasing shirtless theater major: I'll get you my pretty... And your little dick too!
- Overheard In New York

Great Jon and Stephen uni!prompt, or greatest Jon and Stephen uni!prompt?
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I finally got around to watching the pilot for White Collar, and I remembered how someone on my flist said it was great and fun and sexy and just screaming OT3, among other things.

They were so right.

I mean, it's terribly silly but it's fast and kinda funny and I really like it. I'll probably get really boring about this real fast, so I'll just say this: Matthew Bomer's eyes. Oh dear god, his wide beseeching mischievous cocky vulnerable beautiful damn eyes. And the way they change from when Peter is saying "I'm putting you back in prison" to when Peter's half-smiling and telling him to stop dancing in the office.

Also I got a snow cookie thingy. I don't know what that is but THANK YOU :D (you know who you are)
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I am dying. Possibly dead. I'll get back to you on that one. On the other hand, I'm also wearing very little. Lucky you, eh?

Seriously, it's 43 degrees here. (110 Farenheit, for you strange people who measure temperature in your strange units)



Also, tagged by [ profile] angelascats for
this )
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- Today was the last day of my first week back at uni, and I am so tired it has reached the point where sleep is not an option and stream of consciousness typing is a go go.

- I decided in my exhaustion that until I had read some F Scott Fitzgerald I was not a well rounded human being. Now it's half past midnight and I just finished reading the entirety of the Great Gatsby and I'm feeling vicariously disillusioned with life and want cocktails

- Description of the Muse song 'Knights of Cydonia' by some magazine: "[the song] begs to be taken off on a stretcher and sprayed with liquid novocaine like a histrionic italian footballer". Best. Description. Ever.

- New icons making me disproportionately happy. Wish the pictures were real though, instead of me photoshopping Ed and Rob together and Bowie with Robert Smith leaning over his shoulder... how awesome would it be if Bowie sang with Smith? Can't stop listening to 'Wrong Number'... rearranged record collection so I can get to the damn things without turning the boxes upside down. Have too much Hoodoo Gurus. Is there such thing as too much Hoodoo Gurus? Must investigate further. I  have Run DMC on record. Fucking A. Did not realise that. Who the hell gave me that?

- Appreciating Bob Dylan through the weirdness of 'I'm Not There'. Still can't make self like Cate Blanchett. Looks creepily like Dylan, though. Wondering why the Beatles have helium voices and why there was not more Ben Whishaw... Ben with cigarette is sex. Somehow he always makes me think of consumptive Victorian poets.

- Sorry for this post? Uhm.
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My attention has been brought to the existence of Conservapedia, and I wish so very much that it hadn't. Apparently in tonight's Colbert Report (damn you Australian delay in receiving fakenews...) contains a call to arms to edit Stephen into it. Is anyone surprised? Didn't think so.

Anyway, I heard about it, and immediately I knew I must not under any circumstance look at that site. Or I would lose my shit and not in a good way.


the lunacy...

so tempting...

So I gave in. And after ten minutes I REGRET IT SO, SO MUCH. I mean, fuck. Seriously. There's a page entitled Atheism and Mass Murder , I shit you not, and the page on racism is 1/4 a definition of the word and 3/4 an attack on Keith Olbermann for 'incorrectly' calling Rush Limbaugh racist. And the page on Democrats contains some absolute gems like "A poll conducted by Fox News released in October 2007 found that 1 in 5 Democrats – nearly 10 million voters – think the world will be better off if the United States were to lose the War in Iraq." and "White Democratic leaders --but not blacks or Latinos--consistently favor measures such as the establishment of same-sex civil unions".

Oh god. If I weren't so internet illiterate, I would be engaging in so much cybervandalism right now. I'm daydreaming about the things I'd write... although if we're honest, I'm so lazy even in my greatest righteous rage I'd probably only be bothered redirecting links to things like this.

Damn. It's so stupid I'm sort of ashamed I even care what it says.

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[personal profile] oni_butterfly 

(And  no, I have never done anything like this before...)

Take a look at this fucking British comedian... )
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I just saw The Crying Game for the first time. And possibly fell a little bit in love with Stephen Rea.

He has the most soulful eyes.

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Meme answers!

This took way longer than it should have, because it appears my brain has taken several months sick leave. I couldn't finish everyone I got given, but I'll post Vince and Howard soon. The TDS peeps are a strange blend of real and character... I didn't realise my mind-canon was such a contradictory mess of ideas :D

(Aaaand...I am so exhausted now, I'm just going to collapse into sleep.)

Jon & Stephen )

Jason & John )

Pavel & Hikaru )
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The new Muse album isn't out yet, but I found free streaming of the whole thing here and it is making me VERY HAPPY INDEED.


(I'm sort of a fan, and I kind of like it.)

I think I shall go listen to it again.

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It's meme time!

Because let's be honest, when you owe lots of amazing people fic and are swamped with uni assignments, there's is only one way to spend your time. Procrastinating.

First, from the delightful [ profile] trustingno1 :

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon
(b) a reason he/she sucks
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes
(d) five things that never happened to that character and/or
(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why

And courtesy of the gorgeous [ profile] huntingsnarks :

Spin the bottle, pick a victim )

And some Bowie, just because I can.

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Misleading lyric title aside, this isn't an angsty post. Just thought I might explain a bright idea I had this week, and how it turned out. Hint: not well.

Bright Idea: Don't bring money to the unibar, that way you're not tempted to drink.

Real Life Result: You say you can't drink, you have no money. Boys buy you drinks. You are tempted ( they're pretty!) but refuse (they're kinda pushy). They do not get the hint, but they're apparently really close with your friends, so you find an excuse to leave the group. You spot  someone you know, a girl from law tute who also insists on buying you drinks. You accept from her, because you don't  want to seem rude. She proceeds to try and get into your pants. In the bathroom, no less. Because apparently after nine beers she suddenly likes girls.

So you then have to carefully explain that yes, she is hot, and yes, you do like her, but she is so very drunk and you're pretty sure you're straight and it really is going to end in tears for someone.

Argh. My life. Seriously. but on the other hand, I think I'll get my media assignment finished by tomorrow, which is aces. Also, I've been having fun on [ profile] political_macro , but am sad there is no Aussie equivalent. Or if there is, that I fail so much I can't find it. Our politicians are totally weird looking enough, and do stupid enough things on a regular basis!

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Also, apparently I cannot come up with endings for fics to save my life. Godammit.
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So, I'm in my tutorial working on the Macs learning how to use the bloody things and their strange film editing programs. The tutor (who is also my lecturer) tells us to grab some photographs from google and try and make a slideshow just to ease our way into it.

As she walks around, she stops by me as I have this up:

Tutor: Who is that?

Me: That's Noel Fielding.

Tutor: Is she an actress?

Me: Nope. He's a comedian.

Tutor: ....

Me: I think he's incredibly hot.

My Friend: Yeah, he is.

Me: I'd hit that.

Tutor: ...he looks like a woman.

Me: I know. It's awesome.

Tutor:  O_O

In other news, I need an idea for my short film for this media course. Fuck it. I mean, law is harder, but at least we don't have to be creative.

And, as I have discovered, I fail at creativity.

Edit: I just found this and have to include it because it's gorgeous. Oh, boys. Your love is epic.

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Mr. Colbert, thanks for coming to your performance review

No problem, Jon.

So you're in charge around the Report, is that fair to say?

Absolutely, I'm the boss

Okay, so take us through a day in the life of the boss

Well the first thing I do is...

Greet the Nation (like a boss)
Speak Truthiness (like a boss)
Tonight’s Word (like a boss)
And now a Threatdown (like a boss)

Run for President (like a boss)
Withdraw nobly (like a boss)
Make Huckabee (like a boss)
Fight with Conan (like a boss)

Ask Tad to tumble (like a boss)
Get rejected (like a boss)
Swallow sadness (like a boss)
Blame gay agenda (like a boss)

Grope interns (like a boss)
Be racially colour-blind (like a boss)
Take on NASA (like a boss)
My name’s in space (like a boss)

Harrassment lawsuit (like a boss)
Lose Emmy to Manilow (like a boss)
Stalk Charlene (like a boss)
Send Tad to Alabama (like a boss)

Pull out Sweetness (like a boss)
In my mouth (like a boss)
Oh fuck man I can't fucking do it... shit!
Pussy out (like a boss)

Eating Bobby (like a boss)
Dance-off with Rain (like a boss)
Blow Papa Bear (like a boss)
Score honey-crack (like a boss)

Suck my own dick (like a boss)
Break my wrist (like a boss)
Addicted to painkillers (like a boss)
Barack wearing Wriststrong (like a boss)

Black out in the gutter (like a boss)
Meet the Statue of Liberty (like a boss)
Fuck its brains out (like a boss)

Lose my hair in Iraq (like a boss)
Fly a fighter jet (like a boss)
Crash into Al-Faw Palace (like a boss)
Now I'm dead (like a boss)

Uh huh. So that's an average day for you then, Stephen?

No doubt, Jon.

You fuck the Statue of Liberty and then you die?

Hell yeah

And I think at one point there you said something about sucking your own dick


Actually I'm pretty sure you did

No, Jon, I'm not a flag-burning, gay marrying pinko-liberal sexual deviant.

Okay. Well, this has been eye opening for me

I'm the boss

Yeah, no, I got that. You said it about four-hundred times

I'm the boss

Yeah. I got it.

I'm the boss

No, I heard you... uh, see you later

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I'm supposed to be writing now. I'm not sure what, either my essay or my torts assignment, or maybe the fic the glorious [ profile] emiime is so kind as to let me co-write, or the one I promised [ profile] duckgirlie , or... fuck me. Seriously. I can't even arrange my guilt in any sort of order.

It's past midnight, and I should probably go to sleep.




But not before I post these, because they made me laugh.



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The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

(Why am I doing this? I don't know. o.O I have no writing talent.

NEVERMIND. Pimp this thing cos it's awesome.)
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