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- Got home restless, so I did end up posting a few of those things I found on the old hard drive and mentioned here. Only the Boosh drabbles so far, not sure what to do with the longer fakenews stuff yet.  here be gratuitous siege weaponry and glitter (at my... fic journal. Um. It has been pointed out to me this is no use if no one knows I have one. Good point, you-know-who-you-are. So there, is that pimped enough for you? ♥)

- Montgomery Clift is a gorgeous, gorgeous man, and From Here To Eternity made me cry. Especially the Frank Sinatra bits. He out-acted the actors.

- I played my ipod on shuffle for half an hour today, and the most cheerful song to come on was "One of Us Is Gonna Die Young". Do you think it's trying to tell me something?

I was also a part of this glorious conversation (loud, and on crowded public transport) with a friend.

Me: But she's bisexual.
Him: Ew, that means she takes it up the ass!
Me:  (long pause) what?
Him: I... I don't even know.
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girlanachronism: an animated list of reason why I no longer have an appropriate icon (Default)
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